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Opening celebration World Start-up Factory

Blog by Saja Chander

Societal Solutions is always scouting for companies that provide solutions for societal challenges, which have the potential to scale-up. Therefore I attended the opening celebration of the World Start-up Factory Connectivity Accelerator #2 in the City Hall of The Hague. I was curious to see which start-ups Mathijs Koper and his team selected this time. Most stakeholders were present in City Hall (always a beautiful location to have your celebration event for an international group of start-ups.)


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What we do

We are the Societal Solutions Fund, an investment fund that invests in scale-ups that offer solutions for societal challenges and create social, sustainable and economic return for its investors. Through our validated method we generate high success rates and sustainable economic returns on investments of scale-ups. Read More


We invest in companies from Validated Idea to Scale-up phase: not only by providing capital, but also through our lean scale-up programme. This means that we train, coach and facilitate scale-ups. Selection is based on the sustainability of the business idea, the scalability and the composition of the team, so aspects such as: is the idea a solution for a societal challenge? Is the business scalable? Is there a (growing) market? Does the team have the right motivation and skills to successfully put the product idea on the market and scale it? Read More

Most of the activities of our scaler programme take place in our 'Kitchen' in the New World Campus. The Societal Solutions Fund will invest in the scale-ups at least 7 years. After this period it is our goal to deliver large, international enterprises that generate social, sustainable and financial return for society and investors.

Bright solutions for global needs!

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